Gem Real Estate Home Seller Assistance

For most of us, selling a home is an exercise fraught with emotion. No matter what the reason for selling – a job relocation, reducing financial outlays, downsizing, upsizing or a required short sale — selling a home is troubling, time consuming and difficult. Gem Real Estate works with sellers to make the selling experience less onerous by providing insight, expertise, and understanding throughout the sales cycle. Our professionals guide you through the entire sales process:

Preparation – It’s your home and you love it, but how well does it appeal to a prospective buyer who does not know you and is seeing the house for the first time? Since there is only one chance to make a first impression, the impression you want to make is critically important not only to how quickly the house sells but to its ultimate selling price. Gem Real Estate professionals know how to assist you in maximizing the selling value of your home. We conduct a walkthrough, ask important questions about maintenance, and recommend items that should be addressed prior to sale.

Pricing – The next step in the process is to price your home at the highest market price possible. Real estate markets are in a constant state of flux. Gem Real Estate understands current market conditions and zoning laws. We know what properties in your neighborhood have currently sold for and share these comparable sales with you. Looking at the plusses and minuses of your property, we will assist you in arriving at a realistic selling price.

Marketing – After the sales price is determined, Gem Real Estate develops a comprehensive marketing plan for the sale of your home. We strive to get you top dollar in the shortest period of time. The marketing plan is developed with your input and executed with your approval. Marketing tasks may include prominently displaying a FOR SALE sign on the property, installing a lockbox so real estate agents can easily show your home, listing your home in the regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service), arranging an agents tour of the property, hosting open houses, developing promotional materials including a flyer that features the benefits of your home, and contacting buyers directly.

Closing – Because of the relationship we have built with you, Gem Real Estate understands your home as well as your selling goals. After a buyer’s offer is accepted Gem Real Estate will work with you to navigate the terms of the sale, negotiate on your behalf, follow the inspection process, review required disclosure forms, and ensure that you adhere to your contractual timeframe obligations. We stay in touch with the buyer’s agent to ensure a smooth escrow, track the progress of the buyer’s loan and assist you should a conflict with the buyer arise.

Finalizing – When a closing date has been set, Gem Real Estate will review all closing documents and ensure that you receive copies. A closing check will be delivered to you and keys to the new owners. And if you need assistance or guidance on moving, Gem Real Estate is there to assist you after the sale is finalized.