Gem Real Estate Home Buyer Guidance

For most people, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they will ever make. The team at Gem Real Estate works with you to ensure the home you purchase is the best fit for you and your family. Gem Real Estate professionals assist you through the following steps to home ownership:

Pre-approval — Today it is almost impossible to purchase a home without a letter of pre-approval. Gem Real Estate professionals understand real estate financing. We not only put you in contact with reputable lenders who offer the best rates and re-payment plans, we explain to you in detail what different financing options will mean to your individual finances. Being well informed about your options will help you make a wise decision.

The Search – Once you complete the pre-approval process and know how much home you can afford, Gem Real Estate will work diligently to locate the perfect property for you. We spend time getting to know what you want in a home. Then utilizing the most up-to-date tools and data resources, our deep understanding of San Diego’s various neighborhoods, and your wish list of home features we begin the search. Prospective homes are viewed on a schedule that works for you.

The Offer – Once you find the house that’s right for you, Gem Real Estate professionals guide you through the offer process. Purchasing a home is an emotional as much as an economic decision. It’s difficult to know whether you are offering too much for a property you love. The Gem Real Estate team will negotiate with the seller on your behalf, taking care of your interests by assuring that you get the best value on your dream home.

The Inspection – The home inspection is a critical component of the home buying process. If you have knowledge about the more hidden features of a house, such as the age of the roof, the last service date of the furnace and water heater, and warranties on appliances you will save yourself headaches and money in the long run. At Gem Real Estate we want to protect your interests so we guide you step-by-step through the inspection process and review all disclosure forms.

The Contract – Every home purchase comes with strict contractual timeframes. At Gem Real Estate we make sure that you never miss a critical deadline by monitoring and notifying you of your timelines well in advance of due dates.

The Move – While no one enjoys moving (at least we don’t know of a person who does!) Gem Real Estate professionals work with you after the purchase is made to make the moving experience as pleasant and as organized as possible. Call us for tips on an organized move.